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As part of the Alex Theatre project we are developing the framework to create a sustainable model for entertainment and cultural community centres to integrate into core business practices while not negatively impacting on the operational requirements or budget forecasting.

negative carbon footprint

The Living Venue


  1. create a negative carbon footprint facility
  2. develop positive environmental practices and systems
  3. decrease the operational costs of facilities
  4. create environmental education centres around cultural facilities
  5. remove venues like the Alex Theatre from the national energy grid

In 2015 Aleksandar Vass OAM set up the Alex Theatre project to create a model for compact boutique commercial performance spaces that would not only act as hubs in communities for the Arts but innovative spaces to develop ‘Off Broadway’ productions and innovation in the Arts.

The project was set up as a 10-year trial to develop best practice in venue solutions with our overall mission in mind.


Creative Problem Solving

The Living Venue


An important part of the vision for this project was to integrate an education component into the facility, creating a natural Eco-system for learning. Your involvement is key.


In 2020 we are launching The Living Venue component of the project combining environmental awareness while being a sustainable, equitable and creative space within our community.


This project is supported by those who believe we need to take steps to create a better future for the generations to come, and has been set up to engage the wider community in climate concerns.

What is the next step?

We need Eco-Warriors to join our Tribe and help us to create a better path forward...


If “It takes a village to raise a child” What will it take to save our planet for our children?

This project is to create a path forward for Venues like the Alex Theatre to be part of the CHANGE that is required to save our planet for future generations. 

If you want to be involved in this community project please let us know. 

The time has come to get involved and be an Eco-Warrior for the Arts and our planet! 

We need Ideas

We want to know your ideas on how we should develop a plan for the Eco-Management of venues like the Alex Theatre, and the systems and processes you think we should be investigating. 

From creative ways to reduce waste through to clean energy systems.  We need to think outside of the boxes that have traditionally been the theatres we have performed within. 

Tomorrow matters, and today the 26 August 2020 is the day we have marked to start our Eco-Journey.  


Your generous support, sponsorship and donations have helped us get to where we are today.

Thank you for your support!

Whether you donate your time, support or invest in this project we aim to create a model for all Venues to have access to and build upon, one that is sustainable, equitable and creative. 

This is a massive project and we need your involvement. 

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The mission of Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc is to integrate the arts into the identity, growth and economic vitality of our local community by supporting, programming, presenting and creating partnerships that benefit youth, patrons, artists, organisations and businesses through the Alex Theatre project.

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